Writing Portfolio

All three of these samples were school assignments.  Each one had a different purpose.

Writing Sample 1

This was a piece written after an interview with a staff member of DePaul University and her involvement in efforts with aid for Haiti after the devastating earthquake.  It was meant to be an informative piece for the one year anniversary of the disaster enlightening people that aid is still needed for the Haitian people and where we can go to help.


Writing Sample 2

This was a piece I wrote that was an example of a story that could have run on Memorial Day.  It was meant to be something different for people to read about and learn about instead of only reading about the festivals or parades or picnics that were going on across the country.


Writing Sample 3

This is a sample of a feature story I wrote in my Broadcast Journalism class.  It is a script exactly how it would be seen in a news room and includes all the side notes including TRT (total run time) any graphics that would be added, etc.  I included this sample to show that I have skills in the broadcast world as well and that I have studied outside of strictly print journalism.



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