Here are a few pictures I have taken that show the range of my skills.

The black and white images at the beginning show the skills I learned when I was first getting into photography and learning about black and white film photography.  I took all the pictures, developed the film, enlarged each image and went through the entire development process.

The second group of portraits were taken during a portrait session where I began learning to pose clients and work with the proper lighting techniques.

The final grouping of pictures was more of a practice session for a sports resume.  I was playing with filters and settings in order to provide the client with a range of images.  Kyle is 6’2, 240 and in 8th grade.  He was recently chosen from across the country to be on an all-star team this summer in Texas and our hope is that he can have a great looking sports resume to hand out to scouts this summer.

The gallery below contains more recent images I have taken including photographs captured during the Air and Water Show in Chicago during the summer of 2012.  Following those are images I captured while photographing an Auction Dinner Dance for my church.  The remaining images in this gallery were taken while I was photographing the 2012 North American Irish Dance Championships.


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