Gary Bettman’s “apology”

Gary Bettman’s “apology”

In regards to the article I have in the above link, I want to start off by saying I am incredibly happy that an agreement has been reached.  I honestly did not expect to see any professional hockey this season, so half a season is better than no season at all. 

However, no one has infuriated me more throughout this lockout process than Gary Bettman.  I can just picture his smug face as he issues his “apology.”  First of all, do not speak for me in saying I didn’t care who was at fault for this lockout.  I know Bettman isn’t the only one who was causing problems, however he was by far the largest and most frustrating person involved.  When the NHLPA offered alternative options after rejecting the NHL’s offer early in this lockout, he didn’t even take a proper amount of time to look them over and make a decision.  The NHLPA took three days to look over one offer from the NHL and they took less than 8 hours to deny two alternative options?!  Give each offer the respect it deserves and consider what is best to reach an agreement and bring the game back.

Bettman was on his high horse this entire time.  He knew he was going to take the majority of the blame for this lockout and tries to pass that blame off on Donald Fehr.  Now I’m not taking Fehr’s side either because I’m sure he could have done a better job during the lockout, but for Bettman to engage in a pissing match with Fehr and try to lay the blame on Fehr for the lockout pisses me off even more.  You are the League Commissioner!! Own up to the fact that you suck at your job and right your wrongs. 

I don’t accept your apology.  And to be completely honest, I’m not entirely convinced that we won’t see more issues arise during the course of this CBA agreement.  I don’t trust a word you say, I hate that you continue to hold the position as Commissioner, and I will enjoy this shortened hockey season as much as I can, regardless of the fact that you have killed any momentum this great sport had gained in the last seven years.


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