Something needs to change….

Click here for clip of Torres hit on Hossa

Things are getting way too ugly.  This is playoff hockey.  We should not be seeing possible season ending or career ending hits.  Thank God Hossa was able to leave the hospital under his own will!  And thank God Toews wasn’t the one who was hit like that because he could have easily ended Toews’ career with a hit like that after he so recently came back from a concussion.  But Torres has been a dirty player for too long!  He needs a severe fine and suspension.  Something needs to change his behavior.  It was dangerous and unfortunately not surprising from Torres.  It ironically marked the one year anniversary of Torres’ bad hit on Brent Seabrook in the first round of last years playoffs when the Hawks were playing the Vancouver Canucks.  I’m really hoping Brendan Shanahan doesn’t drop the ball on this one and in my opinion Raffi Torres should be out for the rest of the postseason.  And I’m really hoping Phoenix makes a statement by dropping Torres and the league takes a stand against such a dirty player.  He is making a lot of enemies and eventually no one will pick him up.


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